ZTE BluePillar Smart Lighting

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ZTE BluePillar Smart Lighting

How to make  street lighting into attractive, green environment, sustainable and low-carbon development, and most of all convenient to life ? In CeBIT 2016, ZTE launched BluePillar, a star smart lighting product which got the eye of the audience. The BluePillar solution consists of smart lighting, wireless communication, smart city information platform and EV charging pile, all fully integrated into one single pole.

Figure 1 BluePillar smart street lighting system
BluePillar smart street lighting system

From IEA statistics analyzed that world annual electricity consumption in 2015 is over 24,000TWhand street lighting accounts for 15% .It means even one percent reduction can save 36TWh,which is more than the annual power consumption of Denmark. Compared with the tradition lighting system with HPS, the BulePillar solution has consumed 70% less power consumption. LED replacement can save more than 50%. With smart management system, it can achieve another 40% energy saving by illumination adjusted between 0 and 100% according to the environment or set by administrator ,which we called secondary energy saving.

BluePillar control system

BluePillar control system

Lighting system O&M is a great challenge for the traditional lighting system operator due to the fault location and asset management. The high labor cost and lamp replacement caused high OPEX .With the smart management system and long lifespan LED lamp, BluePillar solution can reduce more than 90% labor work and 80% annual lamp replacement. The BluePillar leads to low TCO. With the management system ,the administrator will enjoy the real time supervision and control by PC , PAD, Smart Phone .The tradition fault location mode will be replaced by system alarm which can reduced labor and energy cost.

Besides street lighting ZTE BluePillar is an integrated part of smart city. The system supports security surveillance, real-time information collection on the environment, real-time monitoring of the assets/special crowd with RFID .Through the LCD, important information and advertisement can be displayed which will bring benefit to the citizens as well as operators. RRU and WIFI equipment can be installed with BluePillar, citizen will be facilitated with WIFI services. Nowadays people have concern about air pollution and prefer clean transportation, such as Electrical Vehicles .However, due to limited space, lack of charging piles becomes an vital factor hinders the popularity of EV. Integrated with AC charging piles, BulePillar solution can save space and be an ideal method for municipal department to spread EV.
the function modules of BluePillar smart lighting system

The function modules of BluePillar smart lighting system

ZTE has ten 10 years experience in new energy field and 20 years experience in traditional energy field. 20 R&D centers deployed globally which ensures our products lead the world. ZTE BluePillar Smart Lighting System was launched in 2015. By now, this system has been widely used in Shenzhen, Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing, Anyang and other famous cities in China. Many trials and commercial EV charging networks are also being built. ZTE has established the strong competitiveness and gotten high recognition from the customers and the public famous advertising medias. It was recognized as the most crazy telegraph pole and ZTE BLACK TECH.

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